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The U.S’ National Cyber Security Alliance found that “60 percent of small companies are unable to sustain their businesses over six months after a cyber-attack”.

Cybercrime is a real risk, and in today’s world you need total assurance your business and its information is secure, and that the people and systems you employ can be trusted. All data has value and your business is responsible for keeping it safe.

Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a very real challenge in todays connected world. A well-constructed governance regime, proactive management and a good education and training programme should be at the heart of your business. We work with businesses to help them achieve complaint regulation status, be that ISO27001 or GDPR, amongst others.

Complymatic understand your business concerns and have a solution that offers you complete peace of mind by sharing knowledge and best practice regimes across your business.

We want to significantly reduce the risk you could be subject to. We are able to complete a full threat assessment involving all aspects of risk – be that physical, cyber or governed.

We can audit both your physical and technical outlets, be that organisation, individuals, data, technology, communication and security.

We are experts in our field, and provide due diligence, health checks, audits, competency, proficiency and suitability.

We use best of breed non-invasive software to give you assurance your business is safe and secure from any threat. We are a valuable asset in your communication toolbox. Take the risk out of your data protection.

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