Operational Due Diligence

Complymatic are experts in our field. We know the best course of action to achieve and meet regulatory stipulations and make your business work harder for you. Our operational due diligence team work in conjunction with your internal teams to achieve the best results for your business. In today’s world, regulation and risk has an impact not only on the business but also on the individual. Stay compliant, stay protected.

The purpose of an operational due diligence exercise is to gather, analyse and (to a degree) verify information relating to operational risks within your business.  This is an essential part of growing and maintaining a successful and compliant business model in a regulated market. The focus on operational matters as a source of value in transactions has never been more prevalent as both Corporate and Private Equity deal professionals are increasingly looking to drive transaction value through improving operational performance and proactively managing operational risk.

We are proactive and work with your internal teams to assist them to meet their regulatory stipulations. We are here to help you maximise efficiency and get the best from your business, teams and clients while helping ensure you are working within the bounds of FCA regulation.

We develop a thorough understanding of your organisation, allowing us to provide a focussed insight of how your business operates and should operate in a regulated market.

Benefits of operational due diligence can be:

• market valuation techniques, and related processes/controls and disclosures

• business continuity and disaster recovery planning

• fraud risk and other irregularities

• behavioural analysis of individuals. For example fund directors and employees/principals, outsourced service providers, including their incentives and processes

• liquidity mechanisms

• security of assets

We offer comfort to you on how your organisation engages, be it on operating performance, regulated activities and business plans. We provide you with the solutions to make you as effective as you can be, allowing you to be competitive.

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