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The ever changing a dynamic world of financial services requires you to have a best of breed compliance partner. Welcome to the world of Complymatic. We look at a new way of addressing compliance. We are a new way of addressing risk. We understand the pressure you feel to get your business decisions right, and we are here to guide you through the pitfalls of ever changing and ever more stringent regulation.

Take a proactive approach to regulation and know your business has its compliance and risk covered.

Our unique solution, Cybermatic, takes a step further towards helping you and your business service the pitfalls of business in the 21st Century: Cyber Attack. Now is the time to consider how secure your data, your people and your relationships are. Taking the principles of GDPR regulation, we work with your business to carry out a complete health check and offer advice on how to improve your corporate security.

Put your client relationships at the heart of what you do using a new way of viewing your risk, cyber crime and compliance obligations.



Business in a regulated market is constantly changing. The industry is evolving rapidly. Clients are demanding greater transparency and the regulators continue to define how your business should be carried out.

  • Full FCA grade compliance packages available
  • Best of Breed solutions for your business
  • Fully outsource your compliance
  • Gain your FCA licence
  • Save time and reduce costs


In a highly regulated market and with client expectation growing, the regulator, your teams, your staff and your clients are looking to you to provide a safe and responsible environment in which they can work and your business can be successful.

  • Beat cybercrime with Cybermatic
  • Protect yourself and your clients
  • Develop understanding and maximise efficiency
  • Meet regulatory stipulations
  • Encourage a positive flow of business


We understand your business on initial engagement and provide the right expertise for your business. Our practitioners have a proven track record of client site delivery and significant expertise in their fields.

  • Confidence to plan product delivery
  • Market leading advisory expertise
  • Strategic and tactical assistance
  • Proven expertise to transform your business
  • Save time and money

What We Do

At Complymatic we work with your business to help it succeed in a regulated market.

We provide Subject Matter Experts to help advise on your business model, transformation and delivery. We provide a regulatory umbrella for our Appointed Representatives and those looking to achieve independent FCA approval. We work with your business to reduce risk, be that regulatory risk or cybercrime. We work with you to take a proactive approach to your overall business, allowing you to be ahead of the competition and focusing on what you do best.

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