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Compliance Support

Comp1We assist with training and competency alongside compliance review and monitoring.

Understanding your regulatory requirements
The key to a successful business is understanding and embracing regulation, starting as you mean to go on, and having a compliant operating model from day one – then maintaining it. Complymatic offer tailored outsourced compliance solutions to a regulated market. We help you reduce your operational cost and assist you in putting in place full risk and compliance controls. Our team of compliance experts are fully versed in FCA regulation, allowing you to outsource your compliance with confidence.

Staying compliant
Regulation is becoming even more complex and having best of breed solutions at your fingertips is a must, so you can concentrate what you should be doing: growing your business. It is crucial your business has an audited regulatory track record as part of your client offering and our team are here to work with you to make that happen.

We can offer you peace of mind with a full set of services to navigate these challenges by providing bespoke training and development modules. Our team assist you with managing ever changing regulatory expectations, rules and regulations.

Assistance in resolving regulatory issues on demand
We work with you to build your audited regulatory track record and help you understand and embrace FCA regulation. Pressure can be immense in an ever-changing regulatory world, so having the reassurance of the Complymatic, when it comes to regulatory responses can leave you to concentrate on running a successful and streamlined business.

Compliance Packs

Comp2We offer industry leading expertise to work with you.

Application packs for authorisation
We offer a full compliance package, presenting you with an FCA grade regulatory business plan, documented compliance policies and procedures and create a monitoring programme.

Completed remediation packs
Complymatic work with you to build your application, produce the correct supporting documentation, for submission or ongoing compliance. FCA applications can take a number of months to process. The authorisation process can be significantly reduced by our FCA application team. Getting this right first time can save you significant time to market. We will work alongside you as an additional point of contact with the FCA.

Compliance maintenance of packs

You are managed by an experienced team of compliance consultants, supported by other technical specialists as required. We provide advice on the key issues your firm is likely to face before, during and after the application process, while maintaining open communication lines with the FCA on your behalf. The FCA are critical of ‘generic’ applications and look for a well thought out, well presented application, and we are here to help you achieve that.

Professional Services

Comp3Save time and reduce regulatory costs

We can help reduce operational costs, but also give you peace of mind. Pressure is immense in the ever-changing regulatory world, and we are here to relieve the load, allowing you to run a streamlined and profitable business.

Our unique service is there to support firms applying to the FCA for authorisation, we offer quality advice and assistance at all stages of the authorisation process. Our Authorisations Team has recent experience in obtaining authorisation for a mixture of firms from, Brokers, Corporate Financiers, Payment Services firms and Electronic Money Institutions.

We manage your regulatory application by setting out a project plan to guiding you through the process and keeping you up to date with all the authorisation process.

Carrying on regulated activities includes the provision and tailoring of all relevant compliance documentation with our expertise and services we provide:
• Assisting you in your completion of application forms
• Regulatory Business Plan
• Preparing individuals for meetings with the FCA
• Advising you on the FCA competency requirements for all staff
• Preparation of financial forecasts and associated capital adequacy calculations Assisting in the completion of the relevant FCA forms
• Providing effective regulatory compliance documentation including Compliance Manual

We work with you to keep you up to date with changes and guide you through FCA application as well as advice to the FCA and post submission liaison with th

The dynamic world of financial service requires you to have a robust regulatory team that offers strong operational support.

Complymatic offers just that by looking at a new way of addressing compliance and risk.

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